Company History

Established in 2004 by Kevin Day, Day and Sons, Inc.began underground utility construction in Maryland. The company became a certified MBE in the State of Maryland the same year and the Virginia DOT & Delaware the following year. Day and Sons, Inc. completed its first underground project for the Maryland Transportation Authority installing underground communication and electrical conduit by trenching and directional bore. Handholes manholes, electrical & fiber optic cable were installed. Dedication, hard work and customer satisfaction propelled the company to expansion.

In 2008 Day and Sons, Inc. started electrical cable replacement work for BGE which consisted of large scale neighborhood cable replacement distribution. In 2010 Day and Sons, Inc. started URD and Service Lateral contract work – providing service for BGE as a qualified contractor.

In 2013 Day and Sons, Inc. started work on BGE’s Operation Pipeline (BOP) as a qualified contractor installing gas mains and services on large scale time sensitive gas main projects.

In 2017, Day and Sons,  started as a prime contractor performing turnkey cable replacement primary work in the Baltimore and Frederick region.

In 2018 and 2019 Day And Sons started work on BGE gas service,Corrosion and main work and was awarded a Contractor of choice prime Contract from Exelon.