Safety Policy

Safety, productivity, and quality are not placed in priority order — they are equal cornerstones, which support our safety program and our organization. It is foremost in our minds to have a safe workforce. The true measure of success will be each and every one of our employees going home every day to families and loved ones, in the same condition he or she came to work.

It is the policy of Day and Sons, Inc. to comply with all local, state, and federal safety regulations in the performance of our work. Additionally, it is our mission always to strive for the elimination of all workplace incidents. Compliance with local, state and federal safety regulations is not enough. Our strategy to eliminate these incidents begins with our safety program. The safety program is more than just a manual or binder.

Our safety program includes:

  • Day and Sons Pride – We will do our part to provide the best equipment, materials, training, and supervision. We expect our employees to take pride in being part of Day and Sons by conducting themselves in a professional manner. That ranges from our personal appearance to the appearance of our job sites, the appearance of our vehicles & equipment, and a safe manner in which we perform our work.
  • Zero Incident Philosophy (ZIP) – We believe in the Zero Incident Philosophy – it is a mindset or way of doing business – not just a goal. We expect all employees to believe that incidents (and their resulting injuries or damages) are NOT an acceptable part of doing business — all accidents are preventable.
  • Safety Education – We believe in starting off on the right foot. That is why we require a full day safety orientation for all new hires. Safety education does not stop there – it is a continuous process – covering a variety of subjects (including refresher training), over the course of the employee’s career.
  • All crew members and management staff are required to attend the following safety courses:
    • CPR Course
    • OSHA 10 and 30 hour safety courses.
    • Confined Spaces Course
    • Competent Person Training
  • Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) – Safe projects begin with effective planning, communication, and execution. We expect all employees to be part of the JHA program. The JHA is our daily on-site tool to ensure that the hazards have been anticipated, discussed, and will be controlled. JHA’s are required on all projects daily before work begins (and as conditions change) – with no exceptions.
  • Discipline & Enforcement – The Day and Sons safety programs & policies will be consistently and uniformly enforced as necessary with no exceptions.

Day and Son’s, Inc. does not place Safety, Productivity and Quality in priority order.  They are equal cornerstones in support of our Safety Program and our organization.  It is foremost in our minds to have a safe workforce.   The true measure of success is that each an every one of our employees goes home every day to their families and loved ones, in the same condition he or she came to work in.